ClickArt Fonts 5

ClickArt Fonts 5

It is an extensive collection of premium fonts to create various projects
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Encore Software Inc.

It's easy to make any project less ordinary with this extensive collection of premium fonts - perfect for home, work, school or any organization. ClickArt Fonts features TrueType fonts for a wide variety of project types, and includes premium quality scalable fonts in a range of fonts such as Serif, Sans-serif, Script, Handwriting, Scrapbooking, Fun fonts and much more.

Using the program, you will be able to display fonts up to 99 points in size, preview TrueType fonts on your hard drive or CD-ROM, and print font specimen sheets showing each character in every font.

Moreover, ClickArt Fonts works with any desktop publishing program, including the Print Shop, PrintMaster, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and more.

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